“My most important role as a physician is to educate my patients.”

-Diana Schwarzbein, MD

My name is Diana Schwarzbein. I’m an endocrinologist, a medical doctor who specializes in the hormone systems of the body. Hormones regulate every aspect of our physiology. Over the last 30 years, I have helped thousands of patients who had compromised or damaged their metabolism to restore their health.

I’m not your typical doctor. I don’t wear scrubs or a lab coat or walk around with a stethoscope draped over my neck. I find it more effective to educate rather than medicate my patients. Instead of using pharmaceuticals, I rely on the body’s own biochemicals to heal itself. I listen to my patients and value their insights. I hug them.

I became the doctor I am because I was first a patient. Throughout my childhood and adolescence I had all kinds of health problems. I became insulin resistant and compromised my adrenal system. I all but destroyed my metabolism. Despite the fact that I consumed enough sugar to get me into the Guinness Book of Records, I was skinny as a rail. The doctors couldn’t figure it out. They said it was genetic. They recommended more milkshakes. As far as I can recall, that was the only “nutrition” advice I was ever given. I had to figure it out for myself, which I did. If you’d like to know my story about this please read My Healing Journey by clicking the button below.

My Healing Journey

From Adrenal Burnout and Insulin Resistance Back to Health

What I learned from this experience is to question “conventional wisdom” unless it can be scientifically validated. If it can’t be, it’s not the truth. It’s not real. My deep understanding of biochemistry and human physiology has enabled me to examine conventional wisdom, to think outside the prescription pad, to identify root causes, and develop scientifically grounded alternatives to treating those causes.

Most of my patients have come to me after years of dealing with worsening health problems, seeing numerous doctors, following the “diet of the day,” and taking a variety of medications. They did what their doctors told them. Yet, they got worse, not better. By following my program, which emphasizes habit change in order to rebalance hormone systems, they markedly improved; many got off of most if not all of their prescription drugs, and they took control of their health.

By the way, courtesy of the Human Genome Project, we now have scientific proof that our daily habits have a far greater impact on our health than our genes do. That’s the scientific basis for what I do.

Discovering the Truth

In my world, it’s only the truth if it can be scientifically proven

As I think about it, my 30 years of practicing medicine have been a continuous process of questioning established  standards of care, examining the science underlying conventional treatment methods, and discovering the truth. To be sure, the medical profession has not always embraced my competing views. If you’re up for an amusing story about this, read Discovering the Truth, by clicking on the button above.

My practice is now full; I really cannot accept any more patients. So in partnership with my husband, Jonathan, and with the help of a small group of very talented and dedicated people, I have developed a way that I can still help you.

Through this website, I can help you in many of the same ways I help my patients – by evaluating the current status of your metabolic health, teaching you, guiding you, and supporting you. There’s a lot we can do together to help you improve and protect your health. I’m glad you’re here!


Diana Schwarzbein, MD