Health is a Choice Series

Become informed and empowered by getting the facts about how your health is defined every minute by the choices you make. Below is an outline of the core information you will need to take advantage of the content available for you on this site. 

Part 1 - You Can Control Your Health

Today, we kill ourselves from years of poor nutrition, constant busyness and stress, and other unhealthy lifestyle choices, dying decades before we have to, while subjecting ourselves, unnecessarily, to years of ill-health and disease during our shortened lifetimes. ​

Part 2 - Genes vs. Habits

Most of us have been taught that our genes pre-determine our health, how long we live, and what diseases we might contract. The truth is, our genes don’t pre-determine what happens. Instead, the actual expression of our genes is driven by how we live — our habits.

Part 3 - The Voodoo That You Do

If what we know or think we know is incorrect (not the truth), if our understanding and beliefs are rooted in inaccurate information, then we will do things that are not in our best interests because, either we believe we are doing the right thing, or we simply don’t know that what we are doing is harmful.

Part 4 - What You Can Do Right Now

The first thing to do is determine the current status of your health – your personal Metabolic Profile. Then you need to determine which of your daily habits are harming versus supporting your health and understand why they may be problematic and how to change them.