Metabolic Insight Series

As you navigate the Metabolic Insight Series, feel free to either watch the videos. If you prefer, you can also read the the text version below. 

Part 1 - You Are Your Metabolism

Are you “using yourself up” every day? Learn what that means and what happens to your health when you err on the side of Using because of many of the demands made on us daily as we try to “do it all.” Your metabolism determines how well your body functions, how healthy or sick you are, how you feel, and how long you live. Just by being alive each day, you use up your biochemicals. Your health is determined by a balance of Building and Using of these biochemicals.

Part 2 - Hormones

The Essence of Health and Longevity

Ever hear of Insulin? Cortisol? Adrenaline? Exactly what role do these major hormones play in the process of living your life and keeping you healthy? Hormones are functional biochemicals that tell the cells of the body what to do. Think of them as coordinators who do their job by constantly sending instructions, or “signals,” to your cells. Your cells respond to these signals either by Building or Using.

Part 3 - Hormones and Metabolism

What’s the relationship between your metabolism and hormones – how do they affect each other? Since living your life is a constant process of Using, staying healthy is a constant process of making sure that Building keeps pace. Literally, every aspect of Building and Using happens because hormones are telling the cells of your body what to do. So when are these hormones telling your cells to Build and when are they telling your cells to Use.

Part 4 - Aging

Accelerated Aging and the Metabolic Continuum

Can you do all the things you love for a long time? Absolutely! Have you been told that the decline in your health that may be preventing you from doing those things is “part of the aging process?” Think again! You are as young as your cells are healthy! Think of this as your metabolic age. You have control over how healthy your cells are. And this absolutely affects how quickly and aggressively you age.

Part 5 - You're Being Used

Optimizing the Using Side of Your Metabolism

What habits have you incorporated into your life that may be compromising a healthy metabolism? Maybe a good run before breakfast? Or skipping breakfast or lunch altogether to save time, money and calories? Using is the metabolic equivalent of spending money. Bad habits equate to frivolous spending and increase the need for restorative Building in order to keep pace. So how do we ensure the balance needed to have a healthy metabolism?

Part 6 - The Building Side

What Keeps You Alive and Healthy

So do you just sit around to prevent Using? That’s no fun and your metabolism doesn’t work that way. Instead the Building side of your metabolism counteracts the Using side. It keeps the body from Using itself up, replenishing your energy and functional biochemicals and repairing and replacing your structural biochemicals. The Building and Using sides provide the tools needed for balance and health. It’s time for you to become better acquainted with the Building side.