health is a choice series

part 4: what can you do now?

If you already have health problems, want to reverse them and get healthy again, if you are healthy and want to make sure you stay that way, or if you are not sure where you stand and what to do, I can help you.

As I hope I have made clear in the previous three parts of this series:

  • Your health is determined by your daily habits — not your genes.
  • Your habits are based on your understanding of how your body works.
  • If your understanding is not aligned with how your body truly works, then your habits will not support your health – they will undermine it.

Therefore, the first thing for you to do is to find out what the status of your health is – your personal Metabolic Profile. Then you need to determine which of your daily habits are harming versus supporting your health. You can do that right here on this website in just a few minutes of your time.

Once you know what your Metabolic Profile is and which habits are problematic, it’s time to understand why you need to change your habits – why and how your current habits are harmful.

To do so, to make better choices both now and forever, you need a solid, foundational understanding of how your body works. I will teach you the basics. And, if you want, I will teach you more than just the basics. I’ll teach you as much as you want to know.

Then, of course, you need to know what new habits to adopt. You need to know what to do instead of your current habits, and you need to know the process for making those changes. Over three decades I have helped thousands of people restore and protect their health by changing their habits. I’ve developed a process that works – The Schwarzbein Program. You can use this same Program to change your health and your life for many years to come.

In addition to helping you know what habits to change and what to do instead, I will teach you about the science of habit change. Changing habits is tricky. New Year’s resolutions are a declaration of a desire to change one or more habits. How many of them survive even to Groundhog’s Day?

Resolve and discipline are not the keys to habit change. They play a part, but not the essential part. I’ll help you understand the “anatomy and physiology” of habit change so that you will be successful and not end up blaming yourself for “failing” as do over 90% of people who try to change health habits by sheer force of will.

Everything you need to sustainably change and support your health is available to you right here – information, education, and guidance. And, it all comes with a promise from me, in fact, a guarantee of progress, if not complete success.

But there is a “catch.” (You knew it, didn’t you? There’s always a catch!). The catch is, I can’t help you regain and protect your health quickly or without effort on your part.

If you spend a little time online looking at health, diet, and fitness programs, products, and books, you will note the common themes of “quick” and “easy” – something we want, right away, for almost no effort. That’s what sells. It’s also

QUICK AND EFFORTLESS DOESN’T WORK. Gimmicks, tricks, fad diets, and the latest “scientific breakthrough” are not the key to changing and sustainably supporting your health.

the reason there are, literally, hundreds of thousands of health and wellness programs and books on the market today. If they all worked, if even a small fraction of them delivered on their “quick and easy” promise, there wouldn’t be such a mountain of books and programs about health and wellness.

Nothing worth having comes without commitment, effort, and time. This is especially true of your health. Unlike most everyone else, I do not promise “life- changing results” or a “new, healthier, slimmer you” in just 21 days. Neither do I tout some “groundbreaking discovery” or “just revealed secret” to seduce you into trying the Schwarzbein Program. Instead, I will tell you, right up front, what you probably already know. Gimmicks, tricks, fad diets, and the latest “scientific breakthrough” are not the keys to changing and sustainably supporting your health. If you want quick and effortless, my Program will not work for you.

However, if you appreciate that it took years for you to create your current health conditions and that they cannot be sustainably reversed over night, if you are willing to expend some effort learning, and to make some changes in your habits, if you recognize that we don’t get something for nothing, then I can and will help you.

It is on this basis that I make my promise to you. With complete confidence, I promise you, if you will consistently follow my program for a year, you will experience a significant improvement in your health.

My Promise to You!

Consistently follow my Program for a year and you will experience
a significant improvement in your health.

If you are willing to invest some time and effort to better understand how your body works and to learn what you can do to support your health, I promise you the time you spend will be richly rewarded.

So, let’s get started. First step – take the FREE Schwarzbein Metabolic Quiz and let’s find out where you are on the Metabolic continuum. Is your metabolism Healthy or Damaged?  Is it Compromised or At-Risk of becoming Compromised?